Geospace Dynamics Constellation

GDC Planned Ephemeris Data Now Available for Download

July 7, 2023

We're pleased to offer early access to the planned ephemeris data for the 6 observatories of the Geospace Dynamics Constellation. This data, outlining the projected positions of these satellites in orbit, is a crucial resource for a range of scientific applications.

GDC's pre-launch data release encourages earlier collaboration with researchers and other interested entities. This proactive approach aids in project planning, proposal development, and fosters innovation that can utilize this data.

Find and download the future ephemeris data for our six satellites below. Note that these datasets are based on planned trajectories, which may be subject to change after launch due to various factors.

We're enthusiastic about the potential of this initiative to broaden research possibilities and innovative applications. Stay connected with us for updates on the satellite launches and more developments from GDC.

At GDC, we see shared knowledge as a catalyst for innovation and curiosity. Through this data release, we invite you to join us on a fascinating journey of discovery into the cosmos.

Click here to download > GDC Planned Ephemeris 03 2022

Want to know more about the mission phases, constellation configuration, and predicted ephemeris for the Geospace Dynamics Constellation? The Design Reference Mission (DRM) has all that and more.

Click here to download > GDC Design Reference Mission Rev C